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At PrismTeck we assist our clients in generating new revenue streams with
the help of our well-trained resources

Our Story

Our story starts in year 2000 from the book “Business at the Speed of Thought” by Bill Gates

We summoned the like-minded people to further discuss some of the concepts discussed in the book.

As per Bill Gates “The big businesses will not eat small businesses instead fast businesses will eat slow businesses.” It also states that your sales team should be bigger than your execution team.

Soon we realised that our discussion group was expanding and we had about 1200 members. Hence, we decided to Join hands and work together so that our study could also benefit other commercial organizations. With that mindset we started helping organisations improve their revenue streams, reducing the cost, systems around quality, safety, and reliability.

Creating a facilities management system in 2002 was our 1st first project. Later we designed many systems for organizations including point of sales, inventory management, school systems and website development. We were called.

Prism Global back then. By 2009, Prism Global grew to a significant company with colleagues helping not only in new projects but also in existing project’s operations and maintenance.

Unfortunately, in 2009 the recession hit and the team was trimmed down.

In 2012 we got back on track and opened new branches in Qatar and in Canada as PrismTeck. Our main focus stayed helping organisations in grow their business in the shortest span of time. Since then, we have helped many organizations continue to do so still.

Today, some of our customers are major brands of Canada. Our philosophy is to be part of our client’s team and understand organization’s objectives, challenges, pain points and KPIs. We consider ourselves as extension of our clients. With the help of our trained team, reliable industry contacts and swift market penetration we were able to win major projects and business for our clients.

In 2019 we were able to secure Canada’s largest project for one of our clients. Now, we would like to offer the same services and strong business contacts to help grow your business in a measurable and sustainable manner.

Our Journey

Meet Our Team

We’re on a mission to help build a better.......

Bilal Tahir Business Development Manager
Iqra Shahzad Business Development Manager
Hajra Talat Business Development Specialist
Muhammad Arslan Business Development Specialist

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    Most of our business is around generating new revenue streams, finding new customers for our clients and building stronger ties with existing customers.

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