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Our Story

Our Collaborative Journey Through Innovation and Impact

Welcome to our narrative – a tale fueled by collaboration and innovation. We began as kindred spirits, uniting over a shared passion for exploring powerful concepts found within the pages of a book.

In the words of Bill Gates, “Fast businesses will devour slow ones, not big businesses small.” This idea became our compass, highlighting agility’s role in success. Gates’ insight on sales and execution teams further shaped our perspective.

Our discussion group blossomed, growing to 1200 strong. Seeing the potential, we transitioned from discussion to action, aiding businesses in boosting revenue, curbing costs, and reinforcing quality, safety, and reliability.

In 2002, we birthed a facilities management system, marking our inception. This venture paved the way for diverse projects: point-of-sale systems, inventory management, school tools, and websites. We were Prism Global.

By 2009, we’d evolved, contributing not just to new projects, but sustaining existing ones. Challenges of 2009 spurred growth and change.

In 2012, we expanded to Qatar and Canada as PrismTeck, renewing our mission: accelerate business growth. Our impact reached organizations of all sizes.

Today, we stand with iconic Canadian brands, woven into their teams, understanding objectives, challenges, and KPIs. We’re not just partners – we’re extensions of your vision.

Armed with expertise, industry connections, and speed, we’ve realized pivotal projects for clients, including Canada’s largest in 2019.

Join us to amplify your business using our expertise and network. Let’s script your growth story together.

Our Journey

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Most of our business is around generating new revenue streams, finding new customers for our clients and building stronger ties with existing customers.

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