Business Development

Customer Insights

Custom Research


Business Development

Customer Insights

Custom Research


About Us

Headquartered in Richmond, BC, we maintain strong business ties worldwide, including a substantial presence in North America

Our Approach

Step 1:

Introductory Presentation

Initiate an introductory consultation with our industry experts to grasp your needs and business model. Experience firsthand how our adept team aligns seamlessly with your requirements, and gain insights from our satisfied clients' connections.

Step 2:

Discovery Workshop

Why allocate additional resources when our dedicated and skilled team specializes in executing Research & Development on your behalf? Our top-tier resources are committed to unveiling the essential strategies tailored to your business requirements.

Step 3:


Following in-depth research, including industry trend analysis and competitor assessment, we will craft and present a solution that has the potential to drive business growth, foster lead generation, create new revenue avenues, and shape your distinctive corporate identity.

Step 4:


With the contract signing, you take the final stride toward reaching your goals and experiencing unprecedented exponential growth.

Step 5:

Kick Off

With all components aligned, your role is to steer us in the right direction while we work diligently to secure the optimal leads for you to capitalize on.



Business Development is always a very long process. Fortunately, we had the PrismTeck team working on ours. They made the whole process appear smooth and pain-free.


The dedication and commitment with which the PrismTeck team worked on designing our brochure is extremely rare. The team was adamant that we will continue working on it till we come up with the best option for my business.


PrismTeck has the best team one could hope to work with. They are smart, reliable, and trustworthy. The team not only put in extra effort to understand what we need but were also consistently available in the most challenging business development process.