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We are the one-stop-shop for all your Business Development queries and solutions with our Industry Knowledge, Market Research, and Contacts. Since this is a relatively new concept and we are the only one offering these services, we make sure that our team stays put with you every step of the way.

Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategy

Working in collaboration with the client’s team, we offer a Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy that can help them achieve competitive advantage and sustainable growth in a structured manner.

Custom Research

Based on GTM, we conduct Tailor-made research through analysis of your sales objectives (with a focus on target sectors and regions). Our qualified and trained team helps you in shortlisting your target customers, low-hanging opportunities, and the right contacts (go-to person). So that you can further pursue those opportunities and business relationships.

Account Business Plan (ABP)

ABP creation for top opportunities identified by our client which includes the identified companies overview, SWOT analysis, upcoming opportunities, winning strategies, and identification of key decision-makers.

Opportunities & Lead Management

Most of our work is manual. Even though we use technologies in the background we keep it simple for you. You will always have an actual person to communicate with rather than a machine. We do customized positioning, messaging, and outreach for your customers. We keep track and align those efforts on weekly basis with you to ensure we can bring quick results.

Connecting your Potential Customers

We connect you with your potential customers, coordinate the meetings and provide you with adequate material so that you are ready to win that customer. Our ABP provides you with a 360-degree perspective of your top customers with winning strategies for long-term business relationships.

Pre / Post Meeting Support

Connecting you to your potential customer is as important to us as it is to you. So, we take care of all preparation and follow-up you might need in succeeding at this stage. Our team stays put with you every step of the way.

Call Reports are prepared for each meeting to maintain proper documentation. All meetings and actions are logged and tracked till complete. Any anomaly is escalated to you right away for timely action. If you have a CRM, we will maintain the records for you.

Sales Growth

Our proven Business Development Methodology has brought significant Sales Growth to our Clients. See testimonials…

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Our Process

Most of our working is around generating new revenue streams, finding new customers for our clients, connecting our clients to new logos and to help our clients to hang on to existing their customers. It all starts with the discovery session where we understand what are the objectives , growth vision, pain points and key performance indicators for our clients. After analyzing the learnings from discovery round, we then initiate go to market strategy workshop within our clients organization. In that workshop we leverage our clients existing data and available information to identify top sectors or verticals Do innovate faster generate revenue streams and to respond to their customers dynamics with agility an insights this will not only help grow their business but will have positive impact on the operational efficiency in a measurable and sustainable manner. As a result of this workshop we are able to identify gaps an recommendation on how to bridge those gaps with our account business plans N detailed go to market strategy.

Our local program manager takes the charge from that point and have our researchers do deep dives into identified sector with information around companies having opportunities.

The sales team of our clients organization is then connected to those companies with the right decision makers or influencers to the decision-making process. Deez meetings mark the starting point for meaningful conversations around winning future business. Our team also helps in members of the meetings, called reports and ensuring up to date entries into the customer relationship management software at our clients site. Other program manager will keep an eye on the action list from those meetings and those actions are discussed in periodic growth workshops an progress meetings. The auto support and those actions ranging from preparing offers, having first response to emails, prequalifications, approving the listing or any other action.

We also provide training and coaching sessions to sales business development and marketing the leagues within our clients organization to make them more robust Angel Anne impactful with proper account business plans Anne proper value proposition messaging we have extensive experience working in large organizations Anne we provide the same level of training what is available within Fortune 500 environment.

We have seen minimum of 28% growth (year-on-year) with our clients applying our methodology’s common best practices. We provide regular updates to our Client’s Business Development Transformation Journey

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